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Image is important and that is why a good logo is a smart investment in your business.

When designing a logo we take into consideration, how you want to use your logo.

* Business Cards                           * Shop Signs

* Letterheads                                   * Vehicle Signs

* Uniforms                                        * Roadside Signs

It is no good having something that looks great on a business card and letterhead, but is unsuitable for use on a sign or vehicle.

How does it look from 5 metres away?

How does it look from 10 metres away?

The more complicated and gimmicky the design the less it will stand out from a distance.

A well designed logo must instantly tell your customers who you are and what you do.

Think of well-known brands like McDonalds. Customers instantly recognise them by their golden arches.

Featured Business

In 2011 we designed a logo for a new  Childcare Centre which was starting up in New Zealand,  called The Cubbyhouse

In our final design the H was turned into a happy smiling house called Cubby.

Cubby has become their icon.




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