Logo, Pinstriping and Scrolls for a Restored Chevy Truck

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Are you a mad keen rev head, or maybe you’re the lucky owner of a beautiful old vintage truck or car?

In either case you have probably spent many hours lovingly restoring your vehicle back to pristine, original condition, finishing off with a custom paint job.

NOW all you need are some pinstripes and scrolls, or maybe a logo on the doors to advertise your business, to complete the job.

This is where Perth Signs has the expertise to help you.

We can design your new logo and as Graham is a traditional signpainter, he can paint your scrolls, pinstripes and logo straight onto your vehicle, just as it would have been done originally, in the Old Days.

Don’t spoil the authenticity of your vintage vehicle by using vinyl stickers, especially after all your hard work, restoring it to original.

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Use a real signwriter / signpainter..…yes there are still a few out there!


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