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Painted signs……if you are under the age of 35 you probably don’t know what I am talking about! You may have seen one once on a building somewhere.

They are still around. But this is a techno age where things aren’t expected to last, a throw it away age,  where digital printing has become the norm for signs.

Digital prints look great…..for a while, then the colour starts to disappear…..not fade…..but disappear.

You expected your sign to last a lot longer, after all you paid good money for it!

Now it hits your business in the back pocket, as you have to replace your sign. After all you don’t want people to think you are going out of business… you?

The irony is, that you could have had a properly crafted, hand painted sign for a very similar cost outlay, and it would have stayed looking good for many, many more years.

Graham will paint your signs with high quality exterior paints, most of which have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. 

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Painted Signs Perth also offers hand-painted murals for childcare centres, hotels, shops and restaurants or even kids bedrooms!

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